The World Around the Corner

We have a release date!  On August 22, 2018, The World Around the Corner will be available in eBook form.  I’ll post the links here once pre-orders are available.

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Debbie Taylor at Wild Rose has come up with an amazing cover for The World Around the Corner.  Here it is!

Cover art for The World Around the Corner

Cover art for The World Around the Corner (Debbie Taylor, Wild Rose Press)

I’m delighted by the way the cover image captures the spirit of TWATC.  It’s exciting to see the story made visible!

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The Wild Rose Press is publishing my romantic comedy novella The World Around the Corner.

Flirting with the lively rogue Rosmara is the best part of Jeff Stanton’s favorite online role-playing game, even though he doesn’t know her in the flesh.  She’s much better company than Dana Roland, the sharp-tongued mechanic who keeps his balky car running—just as Dana would rather banter with Badon the warrior online than with a man she sees as a stuffy professor.

When a young teammate from the game goes missing in real life, Jeff and Dana end up on a road trip together.  In a real-life quest, they discover more about each other than either one expected—and new kinds of sparks begin to fly!

I had a lot of fun writing The World Around the Corner, and it’s great working with Wild Rose to prepare it for publication.