Cool places to visit on the Web.

Originally “weblog” (shortened to “blog”) meant just this, a log of interesting Web sites.  Now “blog” is used more for commentary or short articles.   So we’ll just call these “links.”


  • Critique Circle:  Great online fiction writers’ group for those who are interested in exchanging manuscripts and comments.
  • Wrede on Writing:  Fantasy writer Patricia Wrede’s blog is the best source I’ve run across on the art of writing fiction.
  • TV Tropes:   Greatest time sink on the Internet, if you’re at all into storytelling.  This wiki started out with TV, but has expanded to cover “tropes” or story elements in all media.  Considerably more informal than Wikipedia (“the other wiki”).
  • Stephanie A. Cain, Hope in Fantasy.  Insightful article about why we read fantasy.
  • Jo Walton’s blog series, What Makes This Book So Great.  Also published as a book.  Great essays on a wide variety of F&SF books.

Music and Music Video


Some of these songs are mini-stories in themselves — and the music video sometimes adds context.

Filk Music

Filk” music is folk music, but on science fiction and fantasy topics.  There’s a whole filk tradition going back over seventy years.  Here are a few samples.

“Found filk” refers to songs that may not have been written for filk purposes, but satisfy the definition.  An example from the movies:

  • The Daily WAV.  Hunter Elliott has been posting little snippets of movie and TV dialogue in convenient WAV form for over twenty years.  If you ever wanted to set up your computer to say “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” instead of the usual error-message sound, this is the place to find the line.
Everything else
  • Be Not Afraid,” by an array of musicians from home – what we need to hear now (5/9/20)
  • Lonestar, Never Enders (subject of a blog post)
  • Barbershop version of “God Only Knows” from Bioshock Infinite — both laugh-out-loud funny, and good music!


  • xkcd:  The famous “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.”  (Some of the humor is so arcane you may wish to consult the fan-created explain xkcd site.)
  • Order of the Stick:  Witty commentary on gameplaying (D&D fans, take note).
  • Hello Cthulhu:  When cosmic horror meets irresistible cuteness, guess which one wins?  (Limited run, 2003-2006)




  • Grace Tierney’s Wordfoolery blog — history and trivia about words

Fellow Author Blogs