Work in Progress

The True Machine

In submissions: A science fiction short story.

When a small girl with a heavy burden of guilt can’t get the answers she needs from grown-ups, an artificial intelligence may be her best recourse.

Getting to Gettysburg

In submissions: A brief time travel farce.

The first man to invent a time machine travels back to visit the Battle of Gettysburg.  It’s what any time traveler would do—right?

Sleigh Glide

In submissions:  A humorous Christmas romance, set on another planet.

House of Stars

In submissions:  a science fiction novel.

A girl of doubtful origins, raised among aliens, finds a way to join the human community when she helps stop an interstellar war.

Ariane’s interview on the Cloverpuff Blog Hop

The House of Stars playlist:

Ch. 1:  The Patriot: The Colonial Cause (John Williams)
Ch. 2:  Fidelio Overture, Op. 72b (Ludwig van Beethoven)
Ch. 3:  Frozen:  Elsa and Anna  (Christophe Beck)
Ch. 4-5:  The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan — Galliard and Air (Michael Kamen)
Ch. 13:  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Only the Beginning of the Adventure (Harry Gregson-Williams)
Star of the County Down (lyrics, Cathal McGarvey; music, trad.)
Ch. 19:  The Two Towers: Forth Eorlingas (Howard Shore)
Ch. 22:  Rey’s Theme (John Williams)
Ch. 24:  The House of Christmas (lyrics adapted from G.K. Chesterton’s poem)
Ch. 25-27:  The Two Towers: Samwise the Brave (Howard Shore)
Ch. 30-32:  Star Trek: Insurrection: end title (Jerry Goldsmith)
Ch. 35:  The Return of the King: The Black Gate Opens (Howard Shore)
Ch. 36:  The Rocketeer: Rocketeer to the Rescue (James Horner)